Hymns Of The Flesh (I-94 Bar)
Sonic Seducers (Off The Hip)
Ladies, May We Introduce Ourselves (Full Toss)
Just Turn On (Larsen)

Compilation appearances
Can’t Find My Mind (Larsen Records ‘Tribute to The Cramps’)
The Bedroom Analyst (Grow Your Own Vol. 7)
Cuban Rebel Girl (live) (‘OTH’ fanzine)
Just Turn On (Whatever Mix) (The SBS Whatever Sessions, Universal Music)
Just Turn On (Antipodean Screams ‎CD, Off The Hip)
I Lost My Head (Whatever Mix) (The SBS Whatever Sessions Part 2, Feral Media)
Rock n Roll Johnny (OTH Records Artist Sampler)
Brand New Man (Fuzztones Illegitimate Spawn, Fuzztones Tribute Album, Sin Records)
Exit Sign (Monsters Of Australian Rock, Carbon 14)
Action Speaks Louder Than Words (Fuzztones Illegitimate Spawn Vol. II , Twist Records)
Just Turn On (live) (The Lobotomi Sessions CD Part Two, PBS)