“A 5 piece powerhouse of neo-Tarantino cellar-sleaze-rock.” (Obzine Magazine Australia)

“More than a dash of the Cramps in them, but that by no means is their only influence. You can throw in the Barracudas, the Stooges, the Music Machine and the Fuzztones … (and that’s only scratching the surface).” ( Australia)

“Iggy in 60s milieu? It’s an unholy Detroit meets 60s garage fusion.” (Moloko Plus Germany)

“So cool… brilliant, torrid, danceable, all at once.” (SDZ France)

“Imagine the Stooges getting together with the Buzzcocks and Cheap Trick.” (Twist & Shake USA)

“When I listen to this band, I find the answer to a question I had never thought to ask myself before: What if The Stranglers played traditional garage rock? Extremely Highly Recommended, Top Shelf” (Mike Bennett on USA)

… have created a solid album of mostly great songs that sound like everything and nothing else at the same time. Hip indeed.”
(Uptown Canada)

“The Playboys’ world is a dangerous, but somehow seductive place to be.” (Drum Media Australia)

“Very cool.” (Grunnen Rocks Holland)

“Ihr Sanger verblufft zudem durch einen vielseutegen Gesangsstil, der zwischen dem von Lux Interior und Lou Reed variiert und seinesgleichen sucht.” (Incognito Germany)